EE Est. 1889
CE Est. 1971

The Department is Born

University of Michigan Dynamo Lab
In 1905, with George Patterson as its first chair, the Electrical Engineering Department was founded.Read More
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1971: ECE Department and CE Program

University of Michigan 1970s computing
1971: The Department changed its name from Electrical Engineering to Electrical and Computer Engineering, and a new UG program in computer engineering is created.Read More

The First Woman in EECS

In 1980, Janice Jenkins was the first woman hired as a faculty member in the department.
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The College's First African American Faculty

Prof. Leo McAfee was committed to outreach among minority students throughout his nearly 40 years at U-M.
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From Physics to EE

1900 Physics Building University of Michigan
The origins of EE lie in the physics department, and early courses were taught in that building's basement.Read More

A Move North

In 1983, a $30M building on North Campus was approved. The EECS building is still home today.
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1984: EECS Department

University of Michigan EECS Chip
ECE joins with CCS and CICE to become the EECS Department in 1984.Read More