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Emmett Leith: Modern Holography

Emmet Leith
Leith made holography a reality, stunning the world with his holographic train in 1964.Read More
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First in Quantum Dots

Pallab Battacharya quantum dots
Bhattacharya was instrumental in early understanding of the tiny semiconductor particles.Read More

The World's Smallest Computer

Michigan Micro Mote
The Michigan Micro Mote is a fully autonomous computing system that acts as a smart sensing system. Read More


University of Michigan Wireless Integrated Microsystems WIMS
WIMS facilitated 11 spinoff companies, 59 patents, and new tech for hearing, brain research, and sensing.Read More

CUOS: Pursuing New Frontiers

The Center for Ultrafast Optical Science is responsible for the field's most intense laser and much more.Read More

The Radlab

University of Michigan Radlab
U-M's Radlab is known worldwide for their contributions to Applied Electromagnetics.Read More

Lurie Nanofabrication Facility

Lurie nanofabrication facility
The Lurie Nanofabrication Facility wasn't always so clean, but it got the job done.Read More
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Sponsored Research to the Midwest

William Gould Dow brought sponsored research to Michigan
Department Chair William Gould Dow was first responsible for bringing industry- and government-sponsored research to Michigan.Read More

Amazing Walking Robots

Bipedal Robots
Prof. Jessy Grizzle has developed extremely robust control techniques for bipedal walking robots.Read More

Kamal Sarabandi: Bridging the Divide

Dawson Yee
Sarabandi's work in remote sensing helps monitor global warming, see through walls, and navigate drones.Read More

Gerard Mourou: A Laser Pioneer

Mourou led the formation of the Center for Ultrafast Optical Science, and expanded the field's imagination.
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Weapons-Detecting Radars

Kamal Sarabandi Radar
Prof. Kamal Sarabandi's technology can identify a hidden gun or bomb from the distance of a football field.  Read More

Lowering CT Radiation

Jeff Fessler Lowering CT Scan Radiation
Prof. Jeff Fessler is working to create high-quality CT scans from a much lower dose of radiation.Read More
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Breakthroughs in Modern Lighting

Stephen Forrest does revolutionary work on photovoltaic cells, organic light emitting diodes, and lasers.
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Roach-Inspired Robots

Shai Revzen Biological Robots
Prof. Shai Revzen is analyzing the reflexes of cockroaches to aid in developing steadier robots.Read More
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Michigan's First Materials Center

Center for Photonic and Multiscale Nanomaterials
Center for Photonic and Multiscale Nanomaterials focuses on controlling light interactions with matter.Read More
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Khalil Najafi: Emerging Technologies

Khalil Najafi
Khalil is a leader in MEMS devices, including systems to replace GPS and detect chemical weapons.Read More

Art-Inspired Solar Cells

Kirigami Steve Forrest
EECS researchers developed lightweight, movable solar cells that track the sun, inspired by Japanese kirigami.Read More
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The Michigan Probe: Brain Research

Extremely accurate probes use a variety of technologies to make mapping the brain with light possible.
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Solar-Powered Color

Jay Guo Solar Panel
Color, see-through solar cells can enable ‘stained’ glass windows, decorative panels and shade that makes electricity.Read More

Predicting Your Risk of Illness

Alfred Hero Risk of Illness
Prof. Al Hero studies the human genome's response to viral illnesses to help predict when you might get sick.Read More

Injectable Computers

University of Michigan Injectable Radio
Researchers added radios that transmit through tissue to a computer small enough to fit in a syringe.Read More

Jasprit Singh: Apps for Wellness

Jasprit Singh
Even in retirement, Singh works to develop software that makes wellness and health convenient.Read More

David Anderson: Bioengineer

David Anderson
Anderson made his home at the crossroads of engineering and neurophysiology.Read More