To see the future of computing, engineers have to think big and small. Components grow more powerful every year, and also shrink to fit into hundreds of new applications. The Internet of Things, connecting smart devices in the home and beyond, will rely on thousands of tiny embedded computers. The most powerful computers of tomorrow will run on technologies we've only begun to see as computing continues to demand new ways of thinking. These devices will be more energy efficient than anything the market currently has to offer.

ECE-trained students will build wearable, and even implantable new devices to change the way we live our lives. They'll be behind the microprocessors in embedded systems, and the next Xbox, They'll make the smallest, fastest computer memory, the most secure and reliable wireless networks, and the most daring applications.

The Michigan Micro Mote is the world's smallest computer, and it's already being put to use as a wireless sensor inside the human body to monitor medical conditions.

ECE at Work

Making Memory Smaller, Better, Faster, Stronger
This faculty startup is about to give Flash memory a serious run for its money with a faster, higher-capacity, and scalable alternative.
Blue LED Breakthrough for Efficient Electronics
ECE researchers discovered a way to get 50% more light out of organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), increasing their value in displays on phones and TVs.
Internet of Things
ECE researchers are creating ultra low-power wireless integrated circuits & systems that can keep the Internet of Things running without burning through millions of batteries.

Michigan Micro Mote: The World's Smallest Computer
Measuring in at less than a half a centimeter, the M3 is a fully autonomous computer that acts as a smart sensing system. It's helping usher in connected living and the Internet of Things.

ECE researchers are working on computers that mimic the brain, reaching beyond their local neighborhood to establish connections that grow stronger the more they are used.

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