Every field works with data – medical professionals collect patient records, business and the media keep tabs on consumer activity, the financial world makes trades at the speed of light, and researchers produce a torrential stream of new findings. There's so much data in the world that storage and analysis is now a major problem.

ECE works to make sense of Big Data and patch holes in missing data. They use data analysis to figure out if a website is susceptible to a security breach, develop vital next-gen wireless communication techniques for sensors and autonomous vehicles, and make search algorithms more robust and effective. ECE can give you all the skills necessary to work any IT position imaginable.

Larua Balzano Big Data
Effectively using big data to inform decision making is impossible with holes in the data. ECE is developing robust algorithms that will help realize a big data-driven future. 

ECE at Work

MIDAS is U-M's Proactive Step into an Exploding Field: Big Data
Co-Directed by ECE faculty, the Michigan Institute for Data Science aims to make sense of the massive datasets researchers in every field now have at their disposal.

Predicting Your Risk of Illness with Data Analysis
ECE researchers used genomics to begin to unravel what in our complex genomic data accounts for why some get sick while others don't.

Millions of consumers are affected by cybercrime each year; Prof. Mingyan Liu's startup Quadmetrics, recently acquired by FICO, uses data analysis to protect companies from breaches.

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