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Our society has problems that need to be solved – and those in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) are master problem solvers.

Electronics + Computers, Communications + Information. These are the broad areas that define Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). ECE is there controlling and connecting autonomous systems; creating the devices and algorithms that lead to improved health; building devices and systems that conserve the earth's precious resources; and connecting each other near and far through communications and information devices and systems.

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Here are a few examples of our research

Societal Electronics

We dream up, design and build the electronics found in medical devices, automobiles, transportation systems, and communications. We created the Internet of Things, Look around you - we are there!

Next-Gen computers

Connecting Our World

From early radio communications, to the telephone, the Internet, and the smart phone - ECE is a leader in developing the communications and information that connect our world.

Information and communication technology

Automating Our World

Today's world is already partially autonomous with automatic steering, cruise control, drones, and now self-driving cars. ECE is designing the smart algorithms that both fashion and keep us safe in this new world.

Using visible light to see through objects

Powering and Sustaining Our World

We are integrating alternative energy into the U.S. grid, and designing electric vehicles, efficient lighting, solar cells, and efficient electronics to guarantee a clean and sustainable future.

Using visible light to see through objects

For Your Health

We are developing new technologies that help medical professionals deliver safer, more effective care. Our faculty are at the forefront of uncovering the secrets of the brain.

Using visible light to see through objects

Space and Our World

We can't reach the final frontier without ECE. The technology found in man-made satellites, rockets, and other systems in space rely on our electrical and digital systems.

Monitoring soil moisture