ECE researchers work on bipedal robots that can navigate tricky spaces meant for humans, or robots that build themselves for remote deployment, and cyber-physical systems to keep autonomous vehicles, aircraft, etc., safe. They develop advanced control algorithms that help robots adapt to their environments, and vision algorithms that help machines analyze images or search through data more effectively. They also work on robots that interact with people, and make them safe and useful for the public.

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Here are a few examples of our research

MARLO Wave Field

MARLO finally got her shot at The Wave Field, a goal for the bipedal robot since she could first walk.

ECE researchers are analyzing the reflexes of cockroaches to aid in developing steadier robots. This could help improve doctors' understanding of human gait abnormalities.

robot with arms

Helping robots play nice with people
Prof. Dmitry Berenson's research focuses on creating algorithms that allow robots to interact with the world and collaborate efficiently with people.


ECE Welcomes New Engineering Robotics Center
A $54M robotics center is coming to U-M, offering state-of-the-art facilities in a brand-new, 3-story, 100,000 square foot building.