ECE is power – electrical and computer engineers were behind energy grids and the machines that run them all around the world. Now, these engineers work to design a smart grid infrastructure that makes it possible to use alternative power sources in homes and industry. To keep power usage low and our carbon footprint lower, we'll also need efficient electronics that put less demand on our power plants and solar farms. That includes low-power screens and lights. And they'll continue to improve earth friendly electric vehicles.

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Here are a few examples of our research

solar panels in shade

Helping solar panels handle shade
Shade is a big problem for solar panels: 10% shade cover can create a 50% drop in electricity production. A new project could ensure this power production reflects the average over all cells.

Blue LED Breakthrough for Efficient Electronics
ECE researchers discovered a way to get 50% more light out of organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), increasing their value in displays on phones and TVs.
Ice Sensing

Engineering a Better Future for Ethiopia
ECE faculty traveled to Ethiopia to help kickstart the nation's higher education in Controls Systems and Power.

colored solar cells
Colored, see-through solar cells invented in ECE could enable 'stained' glass windows, decorative panels and even shade that makes electricity. 
$1.4 million grant to incorporate more clean energy on the grid
The team will work to develop new test cases to formulate better software algorithms for transmission operators to run the energy grid — algorithms which regulate energy amounts.
Working to Bring Power from Sustainable Sources to Your Home
The research may one day impact the nation's energy policy as it attempts to balance the cost of energy with the environmental impact of generating that energy.