In ECE, we are propelling rockets without traditional fuel systems to launch satellites out of orbit; sending some of the most sensitive antennas and sensors into space on NASA missions; monitoring the soil for effective agriculture; and pioneering new techniques for measuring ice and snow to get a bigger picture of our changing climate.

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Here are a few examples of our research

Researchers Build Groundbreaking Device for NASA SMAP Mission
ECE is working with NASA's SMAP mission to measure global soil moisture levels. The data the satellites collect will enhance our understanding of weather and climate.
space tethers
'Space Tethers' Can Be Used to Fling Spacecraft Into Interplanetary Space
Electromagnetic tethers could deorbit out-of-use spacecraft or even push spacecraft out of Earth's orbit altogether.
space tethers
Using Cyber-Physical Systems in Space
Next-gen space missions require autonomous systems to operate without human intervention for long periods. ECE research is developing the scientific foundation and associated algorithmic tools to make this happen.
Grad student Iverson Bell has had the chance to work on tiny satellites that can be flung into the atmosphere with electromagnetic tethers.