EECS Course Overviews

Below are descriptions of selected courses offered by the EECS department. A complete list of all EECS Courses can be found in the College Bulletin. You may also want to stop by the EECS YouTube Channel to view cutting-edge student research, faculty projects and more!

ENG 100: Complete list of ENG 100 Courses
ENG 100 Sec 250: Microprocessors and Toys: An Introduction to Computing Systems
ENG 100 Sec 300: Music Signal Processing
ENG 100 Sec 400: Solar Energy and Self-Powered Wireless Systems
video 1) In-class solar car race; 2) Racing Cars Only
video Building Solar Powered Lanterns
ENG 100 Sec 400 and 410: Self-Driving Cars, Drones, and Beyond: An Intro to Autonomous Electronic Systems (video video overview)
ENG 100 Sec 650: Gaming for the Greater Good
EECS 200: Electrical Engineering Systems Design I
EECS 203: Discrete Mathematics
EECS 215: Introduction to Electronic Circuits
EECS 216: Introduction to Signals and Systems
EECS 230: Electromagnetics I
EECS 270: Introduction to Logic Design
EECS 282: Information Systems Design and Programming
EECS 301: Probabilistic Methods in Engineering
EECS 311: Electronic Circuits
EECS 312: Digital Integrated Circuits
EECS 314: Electrical Circuits, Systems, and Applications
EECS 320: Introduction to Semiconductor Devices
EECS 330: Electromagnetics II
EECS 334: Principles of Optics
EECS 351: Digital Signal Processing and Analysis
EECS 373: Design of Microprocessor-Based Systems (video video overview)
EECS 381: Object-Oriented and Advanced Programming
EECS 398: SPECIAL TOPICS COURSES: All Current and Past Offerings
EECS 410: Patent Fundamentals (video video overview)
EECS 411: Microwave Circuits I
EECS 413: Monolithic Amplifier Circuits (video video overview)
EECS 414: Introduction to MEMS
EECS 418: Power Electronics
EECS 419: Electric Machinery and Drives
EECS 421: Properties of Transistors
EECS 423: Solid-State Device Laboratory
EECS 425. Integrated Microsystems Laboratory (video video overview)
EECS 427: VLSI Design I (video video overview)
EECS 428: Introduction to Quantum Nanotechnology
EECS 429: Semiconductor Optoelectronic Devices
EECS 430 (AOSS 431): Radiowave Propagation and Link Design (video video overview)
EECS 434: Principles of Photonics
EECS 438: Advanced Lasers and Optics Laboratory (video video overview)
EECS 442: Computer Vision
EECS 444/544: Analysis of Societal Networks
EECS 451: Digital Signal Processing and Analysis PLEASE NOTE: This course is now EECS 351
EECS 452: Digital Signal Processing Design Laboratory (video video overview)
EECS 455: Wireless Communication Systems
EECS 460: Control Systems Analysis and Design
EECS 461: Embedded Control Systems
EECS 463: Power System Design and Operation
EECS 478: Logic Circuit Synthesis and Optimization
EECS 489: Computer Networks
EECS 494: Computer Game Design and Development
EECS 497: Major Design Projects
EECS 498: SPECIAL TOPICS COURSES: All Current and Past Offerings
EECS 498: Hands-On Robotics (video video overview)
EECS 505: Computational Data Science and Machine Learning (with video)
EECS 507: Introduction to Embedded Systems Research
EECS 513: Flat Panel Displays
EECS 520: Solid State Physics
EECS 521: Solid State Devices
EECS 522: Analog Integrated Circuits
EECS 529: Semiconductor Lasers and LEDs
EECS 532: Microwave Radiometric Remote Sensing
EECS 544/444: Analysis of Societal Networks
EECS 545: Machine Learning
EECS 547 (SI 652): Electronic Commerce
EECS 556: Image Processing
EECS 560: Linear Systems Theory
EECS 562: Nonlinear Systems and Control
EECS 563: Hybrid Systems: Specification, Verification and Control
EECS 565: Linear Feedback Control Systems
EECS 566: Discrete Event Systems
EECS 579: Digital System Testing
EECS 588: Computer and Network Security
EECS 589: Advanced Computer Networks
EECS 590: Advanced Programming Languages
EECS 594: (Psychology 447, LSA Honors 493): Complexity and Emergence
EECS 598: SPECIAL TOPICS COURSES: All Current and Past Offerings
EECS 598: Computational Data Science (video video overview) (informational flyer)
EECS 632: Radar Remote Sensing
EECS 638 (PHYS 542): Quantum Optics
EECS 634 (PHY 611; AP 611): Nonlinear Optics
EECS 620: Electronic and Optical Properties of Semiconductors
EECS 650: Channel Coding Theory and Applications
EECS 662: Advanced Nonlinear Control
EECS 755: Advanced Topics in Signal Processing