UMOR Power Seminar
MPEL Seminar

Representing power system security in the demand space: Challenges and opportunities

Francois Bouffard

Associate Professor and Assoc. Chair of Undergraduate Affairs
McGill University
Thursday, November 16, 2017
2:30pm - 3:30pm
1005 EECS

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About the Event

In this talk we will discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with the representations of secure operating regions of power systems. Traditionally, those are specified in the generation space because generation can be committed (turned on or off) and dispatched. In other words, we represent secure operating regions using the assets we can readily control. On the other end, the demand (and most renewable power generation) is seen as largely uncontrollable, and thus not as worth considering when it comes to building power system representations. We will illustrate that formulating secure operating regions in the demand space can bring worthwhile benefits for system planning and operation problems. The discussion will also address the computational challenges associated with demand space representations. This is work in collaboration with Amir Abiri-Jahromi (University of Denver).


François Bouffard obtained the B.Eng. (hons.) and the Ph.D. degree from McGill University in 2000 and 2006, respectively. He has been on the faculty with The University of Manchester, United Kingdom, (2006-2010) and McGill University since 2010, where is now an Associate Professor, William Dawson Scholar and Associate Chair (Undergraduate Affairs) in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Prof. Bouffard’s research program is at the interface of electric power engineering and operations research. He is particularly interested in the formulation of decision-support tools aimed at low-carbon and integrated energy system operators and planners. Driven by his latter interest, he is also investigating the pivotal role of flexibility and sources of flexibility in power and energy systems.

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Contact: Judi Jones

Phone: 763-8557


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Faculty Sponsor: Johanna Mathieu

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