2014-15 Undergraduate Student Awards

2014-2015 winners

Students, parents, and faculty gathered on Friday, March 13, 2015 to celebrate the achievements of EECS students who earned a special award for academic achievement, research, service, or entrepreneurial activities. David Neuhoff, Senior Associate Chair for Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Drew DeOrio, Faculty Lecturer III for Computer Science and Engineering, presented the awards.

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College of Engineering Awards

Arlen R. Hellwarth Award
Presented to two undergraduate student leaders across the College who have made valuable contributions to the College, University and/or community.

Jacob Durrah, Computer Science

Distinguished Academic Achievement Award
This award is presented by the College of Engineering to an outstanding student from each program offered within the College of Engineering. Students are selected by each department on the basis of academic and personal excellence.

Maureen Daum, Computer Science
Scott Su, Computer Engineering
Jacob Winick, Electrical Engineering

Distinguished Leadership Award
This award is presented to undergraduate and graduate students of the College of Engineering who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and service to the College, University, and community.

Lauren Bilbo, Electrical Engineering
Jamie Sookprasong, Computer Science

Henry Ford II Prize
This award is presented to an outstanding junior who has demonstrated academic excellence.

Lauren Bilbo, Electrical Engineering

Marian Sarah Parker Prize
This award is presented to an outstanding woman undergraduate who has demonstrated academic excellence, leadership qualities and outstanding contributions to the University and/or community.

Genevieve Flaspohler, Computer Engineering

Roger M. Jones Fellowship
This annual fellowship abroad provides a graduating U-M engineering student the opportunity to study the humanities at a European university to broaden and deepen her previous education in the College of Engineering.

Allison McDonald, Computer Science

EECS Awards

Outstanding Achievement Award
This award is presented by the EECS Department to an outstanding senior student from each of the three programs of study (EE, CE, and CS) in EECS. Students are selected on the basis of outstanding overall academic and personal excellence.

Maureen Daum, Computer Science
Genevieve Flaspohler, Computer Engineering
Zelin Zhang, Electrical Engineering

William L. Everitt Student Award of Excellence
This award is presented by the EECS Department to a top student from each of the three programs of study in EECS. These students are in the top 10% of their class and have an interest in communications and computers, as well as professional interests and activities.

Seth Goldstein, Computer Engineering
Matthew Grossman, Computer Science
Yixin Ma, Electrical Engineering

Outstanding Research Award
This award is given to students who completed an outstanding research project with a faculty member or graduate student over and above the requirements of a course or an independent project.

Joshua Adkins, Computer Engineering
Joeson Wong,Electrical Engineering
Rui Zhang, Computer Science

Outstanding Service Award
This award is presented to students who have shown exceptional leadership in their student organizations, service to the University, College, or Department, or service to the community.

Sarah Paris, Computer Engineering
Alexandria Strother
, Electrical Engineering
Austin Yarger
, Computer Science

William Harvey Seeley Prize
This award is presented to an electrical engineering student who stands first in his/her class at the completion of the freshman year.

Jay Mulani, Electrical Engineering

This award is presented to one or more students who exemplify a partnership between engineering and business through involvement in or startup of a private business, patents, or partnerships with corporations, furthering their field of knowledge or interest.

Prateek Sachdeva, Computer Science
Matt Schulte, Computer Engineering
Jay Zhang, Electrical Engineering

EECS Scholars
This award is given to EECS seniors who have been in the College of Engineering at least two full semesters and have a cumulative 3.9 GPA or greater as of Fall 2014.

Joshua Adkins (CE)
Amir Alavi (CS)
Garrison Bellack (CE)
Lauren Bilbo (EE)
Gideon Billings (EE)
Ian Blaauw (CS)
Jocelyn Bohr (CS)
Qizhe Cai (CS)
Dominic Calabrese (EE)
Yue Cao (EE)
Ajaay Chandrasekaran (CS)
Lily Chen (CS)
Joshua Cheng (CS)
James Cheng (CS)
Maureen Daum (CS)
Eric Edmond (CS)
Karthic Epker (CS)
Nicholas Fava (EE)
Genevieve Flaspohler (CE)
Joshua Franz (EE)
Shamik Ganguly (CE)
Todd Goodall (CS)
Nicholas Grifka (CS)
Matthew Grossman (CS)
Qilu Guo (EE)
Kyle Harman (EE)
Conrad Holtsclaw (CS)
Jian Huang (CS)
Olena Huang (CS)
Yuchen Huang (CE)
Yixin Jin (CS)
Benjamin Katz (CS)
Carl Kershaw (CS)
Waleed Khan (CS)
Matthew Ko (CS)
Shuyu Kong (EE)
Ryen Krusinga (CS)
Matthew Leibold (CS)
Jiabo Li (EE)
Alex Liao (EE)
Cameron Lindsay (EE)
Yanqi Liu (EE)
Yuling Liu (CS)
Di Lu (CS)
Daniel Maclennan (CS)
Sahil Madeka (CS)
Ian McGraw (CS)
Nicholas McLaughlin (CS)
Ryan Meredith (EE)
Paul Myers (EE)
Ning Niu (CS)
Nitish Paradkar (CE)
Sarah Paris (CE)
Ali Radha (CS)
Joseph Richey (CS)
Alexander Roberts (CS)
Michael Roberts (CS)
John Ryan (CE)
Jaleel Salhi (CS)
Yu Sha (EE)
Joel Sharin (CS)
Gautham Sholingar (EE)
Daniel Snyder (CE)
Scott Su (CE)
Nicholas Terrell (CS)
Kegan Thorrez (CS)
Andrew Thorwall (CS)
Yi-Ling Tung (CS)
Benjamin VanderSloot (CS)
Benjamin Wang (CE)
Danyang Wang (CS)
Xiaoshi Wang (CS)
Brad Warren (CS)
Stuart Wheaton (CS)
Ryan Whitfield (CS)
Jacob Winick (EE)
Karl Winsor (CS)
Joeson Wong (EE)
Rachel Xiang (CS)
Jiong Xue (CE)
Clark Zhang (CE)
Rui Zhang (CE)
Jay Zhang (EE)
Huajun Zhang (EE)
Yichen Zhao (CE)
Yisha Zhao (CS)
Alan Zhen (CE)
Jinchong Zhou (CS)
David Zick (CS)

SURE Awards
These awards provided funding for students to work with faculty members on research projects of mutual interest. Following is a list of projects and participants.

An Intelligent Vision System Based on Artificial Neural Network

Student Name: Yue Cao
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Zhengya Zhang

Architectural Simulator for Big Data Applications

Student Name: Ze Zhang
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Todd Austin

Audio-Visual Emotion Modeling for Mental Health

Student Name: Stefan Larson
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Emily Mower Provost

Autonomous Robotics Research in the APRIL Lab

Student Name: John Mamish
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Ed Olson

Big Data Analytics for Computer Security

Student Name: Jocelyn Bohr; Sinan Gunbay
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Valeria Bertacco

CMOS Temperature Stability for Heterointegration

Student Name: Yunkai Zhao
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Becky Peterson

Computational Strategic Reasoning

Student Name: Yuling Liu
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Michael Wellman

Developing a Space Experiment to Investigate the Use of Miniature Electrodynamic
Tethers to Enhance Capabilities of Ultra-small Spacecraft

Student Name: Brenton Pniewski
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Brian Gilchrist

Discrete Event Systems

Student Name: Jason Del Rosario
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Stephane Lafortune

Efficiency Optimization of Organic Photovoltaic Cells

Student Name: Jiong Xue
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Stephen Forrest

Embedded Software for Wireless-Controller Modular Robots

Student Name: Haowei Cai
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Shai Revzen

Getting in Control of your Control Flow: Eliminating Arbitrary Code Execution

Student Name: Sahil Madeka
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Todd Austin

Heterogeneous Architectures for Big Data Applications

Student Name: Kegan Thorrez
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Todd Austin

Improving Communications Between Autonomous Systems and Humans

Student Name: Mihir Sheth
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Necmiye Ozay

Mobile Apps in the K-12 Classroom

Student Name: Mengdi (Mandy) Zhu
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Elliot Soloway

Operating System Support for Protecting Information from Malware

Student Name: Zhinan Wang
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Atul Prakash

Privacy and Economics in Wireless Networking

Student Name: Ruihao Zhu
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Kang Shin

Readout Circuit for Resonant Sensors

Student Name: Alex Liao
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Mina Rais-Zadeh

Solving Hard Problems by Solving Harder Problems Halfway

Student Name: Ryen Krusinga; Karl Winsor
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Igor Markov

Ultra-low Power Circuit Design for Millimeter Sized Sensor Nodes

Student Name: Paul Myers
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: David Blaauw

Unsupervised Feature Learning & Deep Learning for Sensory Perception

Student Name: Yixin Li; Xiaoshi Wang; Rui Zhang
Faculty Advisor/Mentor: Honglak Lee