November 2014
Grad Symposium

Breakthrough for Efficient Electronics

In a step that could lead to longer battery life in smartphones and lower power consumption for large-screen televisions, Prof. Stephen Forrest and his team have greatly extended the lifetime of blue organic light emitting diodes.

startup news

Three Start-up Companies Get a Lift

Ambiq Micro announces $15 million funding round [read more at CNBC]

Avegant announces $9.37 million funding round led by Intel [read more at CNET]

SkySpecs wins the 2014 Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition [read more]

GRSS president New President of IEEE GRSS

Prof. Kamal Sarabandi's two-year term as president of the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society begins January 1, 2015. The GRS Society applies the theory, concepts, and techniques of science and engineering to the remote sensing of the earth, oceans, atmosphere, and space.

IEEE Field Awards

Two Faculty Receive IEEE Field Awards

Prof. Pallab Bhattacharya was selected to receive the 2015 IEEE David Sarnoff Award. [read more]

Prof. Khalil Najafi was selected to receive the 2015 IEEE Daniel E. Noble Award for Emerging Technologies. [read more]


Three Receive DARPA Young Faculty Award

Raj Nadakuditi will research the structure of brain circuits through optical imagine techniques. [read more]

Necmiye Ozay will research information extraction techniques that will impact the security of cyber systems. [read more]

Becky Peterson will research new transistors for switched-mode power supplies. [read more]

Amazing students Students Earn Best Paper Awards

Yelin Kim Received Best Student Paper Award at ACM Multimedia 2014 for Facial Emotion Research [read more]

Yang Liu Received Best Applications Paper Award for Cyber Security Research in Phishing [read more]

Solar power

Two Creative Approaches to Solar Power

Steve Rand: Sustainable Solar Energy with Capacitors? [watch the video]

Jay Guo: Solar Energy Colors Our Lives [watch the video]

New Research
Fighting Lung Cancer with Faster Image Processing

Jeff Fessler leads newly-funded NIH research to make low-dose computed tomography scans viable by speeding up image reconstruction to just five minutes.

Mapping the Brain

As part of the BRAIN initiative, Euisik Yoon is leading a team to design lasers that can activate individual parts of the brain to chart how areas of the brain function.

Bringing Sustainable Power to Your Home

Johanna Mathieu received a grant to solve how to best integrate solar and wind power into America's existing electrical grid system.

Advancing Photovoltaics

U-M was selected as part of the U.S. DoE's SunShot Initiative and was the only project awarded for organic photovoltaic research, conducted by Prof. Stephen Forrest.

Applying Cyber Data to Air Quality Management

Robert Dick received a CyberSEES grant to study the impact of weather and human activity on production of, and exposure to, ozone and other air pollutants.

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