Mitch Rohde

Bringing WIMS2 to the Valley

As Corporate Outreach Directors for the WIMS2 Center, entrepreneurs and U-M alums Sassan Teymouri and Shahin Hedayat are helping to introduce its wireless integrated microsensing and systems technology to Silicon Valley and strengthen the Center's ties to industry.


Newly Merged Grad Program in ECE

ECE's two grad programs, Electrical Engineering (EE) and Electrical Engineering:Systems (EE:S) have merged to become one program in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Students will benefit from the increased flexibility built into the new program.


What Makes Cancer Cells Spread?

Why do some cancer cells break away from a tumor and travel to distant parts of the body? Prof. Euisik Yoon teamed up with U-M oncologists to help understand this crucial question as a step towards stopping metastatic cancer.


Alums Give the Gift of Education

Alumni Paul and Ruth Bauhahn have made a planned gift of $450,000 to establish the Ruth E. and Paul E. Bauhahn Fellowship Fund. The fund will support full-time grad students in ECE.


Internet Pioneer Leaves a Remarkable Legacy

Eric Aupperle, renowned president of Merit Network and Research Scientist Emeritus, has passed away. Eric led Michigan's contributions to NSFNET and connected computing - what we now call simply the Internet.

Robot Center

Space for Creativity at New Robotics Facility

A newly-approved $54M robotics center means more space than ever for interdisciplinary robotics research. The center, to be built on North Campus, will offer state-of-the-art facilities in a 3-story, 100,000 square foot building.

St. George's Day

Students Weigh In - The Best Prof of 2015

The annual St. George's Day Feast provided a welcome break for students in their last week of classes. During the event, Prof. David Wentzloff was delighted to learn that he was voted HKN Professor of the Year in ECE by all of the students in electrical and computer engineering.


Student Awards Roundup

NSF Fellowship for Research in Artificial Neural Networks
Thomas Chen has been awarded an NSF Fellowship to pursue his research in the design of efficient artificial neural networks for computer vision applications.

Students Win Prizes for Improved Image Processing
An interdisciplinary team of three grad students earned prizes in EECS 556: Image Processing for their project that focused on detecting objects in a background.

Applauding Excellent Teaching
EECS students were honored for their remarkable service and excellence in teaching at a special awards ceremony.

Alumni Connections @ IMS 2015

Phoenix Alumni

ECE alumni attending the Int. Microwave Symposium joined alumni from the Phoenix area for a networking event on May 19, 2015.

In 1926, Sigma Rho Tau was formed to give engineers a chance to improve their public speaking skills. They had to explain their technical research in simple terms, and new initiates used a stump on the Diag for their first speeches.

NPR: At Fifty Years Old, the Challenge to Keep Up with Moore's Law

Motherboard: 'Space Tethers' Can Be Used to Fling Spacecraft Into Interplanetary Space

UMHS: U-M looks to improve medical education with innovative Google Glass technology
    ECE alum Babak Parviz was the original visionary behind Google Glass [read more....]

The Michigan Engineer: Designing Intelligence: Can We Create Machines Who Learn Like We Do?

Be a Victor for ECE

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