Dr. Claude Gauthier is co-founder and CTO of the semiconductor interface intellectual property (IP) company, OmniPhy. He’s kept a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace by listening to the needs of his customers, and to the pulse of the market. OmniPhy’s niche is Ethernet, commonly used for Internet connections in personal computers and devices and now expanding into new industrial and automotive applications.


Art-Inspired Solar Cells

By borrowing from kirigami, the ancient Japanese art of paper cutting, researchers at the University of Michigan have developed solar cells that can flex and track the sun.


Layered Graphene Beats the Heat

An international team of researchers, led by Prof. Ted Norris, have found that a layered form of graphene can expel heat efficiently, which is an important feature for its potential applications in building small and powerful electronics.


Bringing the MIDAS Touch to Big Data

Prof. Al Hero is co-director of a new institute that aims to facilitate finding the gold nuggets in the massive data sets now available to researchers in all fields. Called the Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS), it is the new focal point for data science at Michigan, and part of Michigan's $100M Data Science Initiative.

New Faculty

ECE Welcomes New Faculty

ECE is delighted to welcome three outstanding new faculty members to Michigan. These faculty broaden and deepen ECE's areas of expertise in high frequency circuits and systems, power electronics, and engineering education.

Silicon 60

3 ECE Companies Return to Silicon 60 List

Three startup companies co-founded by ECE faculty and alumni made the EE Times Silicon 60 List of tech startups to watch: Ambiq Micro, Crossbar, Inc., and PsiKick.


Glucose Monitoring with Lasers

Professor Mohammed Islam is leading the reconstruction of super continuum lasers he designed for the military into a non-invasive tool that can measure just a teaspoon of glucose in the blood system.


An Intel Award for Big Data Research

Prof. Laura Balzano has been selected to receive s a 2015 Intel Early Career Faculty Honor Program (ECFHP) award in recognition of her key research in the area of Big Data.


Environmentally Friendly Energy Storage

Working with Prof. Johanna Mathieu, Dr. Yashen Lin has earned a Dow Sustainability Fellowship to pursue research in smart grid applications and their environmental impact.


EECS News is On Its Way!

The 2015 issue of the departmental newsletter is set to mail this week, and we hope you enjoy it! Here's an advance peek of the online PDF version.

San Diego, CA Alumni Networking Event


Wednesday, October 28, 2015
6:30 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Star of the Sea Event Center
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Alumni In the News

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Oz Pearlman finishes third on AGT! (read more)
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DiversitySilicon Valley, Seeking Diversity, Focuses on Blacks (read more)

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