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June 2016

Fighting Cyber Crime with Data Analytics

Quadmetrics, a company co-founded by Prof. Mingyan Liu, is able to determine a company's likelihood of falling victim to a cyber crime with more than 90% accuracy. .

MARLO's BACK - and on the Move

MARLO, the free-standing bipedal robot developed by Prof. Jessy Grizzle's group, makes worldwide news coverage with her new steps.can now walk down steep slopes, through a thin layer of snow, and over uneven and unstable ground.

Injectable Computers

Profs. David Blaauw and David Wenzloff are developing millimeter-scale ultra-low-power computer sensing systems that can be injected into the body through a syringe and communicate with an external receiver.

Alumni Gather at IMS 2016

ECE alumni gathered for a networking event in San Francisco following the 2016 IEEE International Microwave Symposium. View photos

Come Celebrate in Boston

Join us for an ECE Alumni Reception in Boston on July 6 during the American Controls Conference at the Boston Marriott Copley Place.  RSVP

Probing the Brain

Prof. Euisik Yoon is leading a collaborative neuroscience pilot program funded by the Kavli Foundation to better understand the brain and the diseases that affect it.

Recognizing Distinguished Achievement

Alfred O. Hero, III, co-director of the Michigan Institute for Data Science, has been named the John H. Holland Distinguished University Professor of EECS.

Nationally Renowned

Stephen Forrest, internationally-renowned researcher and entrepreneur, was elected to the National Academy of Sciences, one of the highest distinctions for a scientist or engineer in the US.

The Most Inspiring Professor

Fawwaz Ulaby was ranked one of the 10 best faculty of the 4,000+ at Michigan for keeping students awake, inspired, and motivated to work hard in his classes. How does he do it?

The Future of Transportation

The National Academy of Engineering held a regional meeting at Michigan focusing on driverless cars and connected transportation. Read more about Big Data for Transportation, led by Prof. Al Hero, Cybersecurity for Transportation with Prof. Kang Shin, and the overall program.

Student Teams Close Out Another Season

MHybrid Races On

MHybrid had a tough run at the Formula Hybrid Competition, but team members took away memorable experiences and look positively toward the future.

Designing Unique New Instruments

Sophia Mehdizadeh and Kiran Thawardas helped lead a new student team called Project Music through its first year of building instruments and making music.

Improving Infant Care

Meghna Menon and Mihir Sheth designed a heated incubator to help keep low birth weight infants warm and healthy. The team is collaborating with the School of Nursing.

M-Fly Finishes Top-10 with 2 Planes

M-Fly debuted two planes at the 2016 SAE Aero Design Competition East, and earned top-10 finishes in both the regular and advanced class competitions.

ECE In the News

Alumni: Science on Tap to feature talk on the unexpected properties of ordinary materials

Alumni: Tony Fadell – How Can We Design For A Better Experience? (and if you haven't heard, He's stepped down from Nest)

Alumni: High-efficiency power amplifier could bring 5G cell phones (alumnus Saeed Mohammadi)

Alumni: A cross-cultural journey ends with a life in Fairbanks for ECE alum

Alumni: Diabetes in Control – An Interview with Eran Bashan of Hygieia

Alumni: Shrenik Mehta to Receive Leadership Award at DAC2016

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June 2016

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