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News for alumni and friends from ECE @ Michigan

November 2016

Cancer Stem Cells

Analyzing 10,000 Cancer Stem Cells at Once

A new device for studying tumor cells can trap 10,000 individual cells in a single chip. The technique could help screen cancer treatments based on an individual patient's tumor and help researchers understand cancer stem cells.

solar cells

Helping Solar Panels Handle Shade

Just 10% shade cover can create a 50% drop in solar panel electricity production. Prof. Avestrus is working to improve those numbers.


Speeding Progress in Computer Vision

Prof. Jason Corso is leading a COmputer Vision Exchange (COVE) for data, annotations, and tools to speed progress in computer vision.
Wei Lu Announcement

LNF Gets a New Director

Prof. Wei Lu was named the new director of the Lurie Nanofabrication Facility, a world class cleanroom facility that is available to both the University and the public.
Blaauw Award

Lifetime Research Achievement

Prof. David Blaauw earned the University Research Award by the Semiconductor Industry Association to recognize his outstanding contributions in design research .
Deotare Nanoscale


Prof. Parag Deotare received a Young Investigator Award from AFOSR to support basic scientific research in Nanoscale Exciton-Mechanical Systems (NEXMS).
Finelli NAE

Engineering Education Frontiers

Cindy Finelli was selected to attend the 2016 NAE Frontiers of Engineering Education Symposium. She will present her work in student-centered classrooms.

Family Fun Night

Student VR Startup Helps Kids Move

EE senior Duncan Abbot and his new startup Gwydion want to make VR worth the while, with games and apps that help with therapy in children's hospitals.

Olympic Rower

Silver-Medal Finish for Olympic Rower

EE sophomore Zach Burns brought home a silver medal from the Rio De Janeiro Summer Olympics in September as part of the US Paralympic Rowing Team.

Congrats to 2016 Homecoming Alumni Award Recipients

Meera Sampath (PhD EE:S ’95), Vice President for Innovation and Business Transformation, Xerox, received the Alumni Society Merit Award for Electrical and Computer Engineering.  Watch Meera's talk  -  Read more about Meera

Michael Stonebraker (MSE EE ’66, PhD CICE ’71), Turing Award winner, received the CoE Alumni Society Medal Award.  Watch Michael's talk

W. David Tarver (BSE MSE EE '75, '76), Entrepreneur, Author, Educator, Public Speaker, received the CoE Alumni Society Service Award.  Read more about David


Celebrating the Father of Information Theory

ECE celebrated alumnus Claude Shannon's 100th birthday and his foundational contributions to information in the modern world with a Workshop and Seminar Series. [Videos + Photos]
Organizers are also hosting the Shannon Centennial Seminar Series to continue the celebration throughout the fall.   Watch the seminars and attend future dates.

Olympic Rower

Jessy Grizzle Takes on Reddit

Prof. Jessy Grizzle, Director of Michigan Robotics, answered the internet's burning questions about bipedal robots in an Ask Me Anything session on the science subreddit.

Family Fun Night

Having Fun with ECE

Students, alumni, faculty, and friends came together for games and exciting displays at this year's Family Fun Night, a celebration of electrical and computer engineering.

Give Today, Impact Tomorrow

Be a Victor for ECE @ Michigan!

Alumni Updates

Change address, alumni news, ect.

November 2016

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