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News for alumni and friends from ECE @ Michigan

May 2017

Babak Parviz

Michigan Honors ECE Alumnus Babak Parviz

Dr. Babak Parviz received a once-in-a-lifetime Bicentennial Alumni Award at the Spring Commencement,"for his pioneering technological innovations that augment human potential, and thus improve peoples’ lives."

Babak Parviz

Shutting Down Cancer

A team of engineers and medical researchers led by Prof. Euisik Yoon developed a new kind of microfluidic chip that can capture rare, aggressive cancer cells, and then study them one by one - perhaps ultimately learning how to shut down the growth of cancerous tumors.

Revzen MURI

New MURI on Dynamic Control

Prof. Shai Revzen is on a five-institution team using recent advances in computation to model & control dynamic systems.
ISCA Influential Paper Award

Power-Efficient Computing a Winner

EECS researchers received an ISCA Influential Paper Award for research that had a broad impact on computing since it was published in 2002.

Grant for Renewable Power

Prof. Johanna Mathieu will develop new algorithms to better integrate renewable energy sources into the U.S. electrical power grid.
Deotare HKN Professor of the Year

HKN Names Professor of the Year

Prof. Parag Deotare was named the 2016-2017 HKN Professor of the Year in ECE by the students of electrical and computer engineering.
England Susan B. Anthony Award

Advancing Women in Engineering

Tony England received the Susan B. Anthony Campus Award in recognition of his longstanding commitment to the advancement of women of all ages in the fields of science and engineering.
Hofmann Teaching Excellence

Recognizing a Great Teacher

Prof. Heath Hofmann, recipient of the Jon R. and Beverly S. Holt Award for Excellence in Teaching, moves seemlessly between the classroom, his grad students, student teams, and even Ethiopia.

International Students at ECE

Video Series Especially for International Students

Learn about the experiences our Indian, Chinese, and Korean students have at the University of Michigan and in Ann Arbor.

Alumni in Academia

ECE Alumni in Academia

ECE alumni are educating the next generation of innovators! Check out many of our active alumni in academia. Let us know of any we are missing!
Optics Snapshot

Celebrating Michigan's Optics Industry

Professionals and researchers from across Michigan's optics industry gathered for the Optics and Photonics Industry Snapshot.
Andy Yagle Retires

Yagle, Lifelong Wolverine, Retires

Prof. Andy Yagle retired after 32 years at Michigan. His career was distinguished by excellence in teaching and research in signal and image processing.
Tom Senior IURS Fellow

Tom Senior Named URSI Fellow

Professor Emeritus Thomas B.A. Senior, known internationally for his work in scattering and electromagnetics, has been named a fellow of the International Union of Radio Science.

Student News

GSI Awards

Award-Winning GSIs

To celebrate the contributions of our graduate and undergraduate instructors, the department selects the best of the best.
Undergraduate Awards

Undergrads Awarded for Excellence

EECS celebrated students who earned awards for academic achievement, research, service, and entrepreneurial activities.
Gopal Nataraj Best Paper

Best Paper for Improving MRI

Gopal Nataraj is working to improve the sensitivity of MRIs and improve doctors' ability to distinguish closely-related disorders.
Behzad Yektakhahi Best Paper

Best Paper, Seeing Through Walls

Behzad Yektakhah developed a radar system that can image the interior of a room in all directions, and can be operated remotely.
EECS 556 Class Prizes

Prizes for Great Image Processing

Two student teams won an industry-sponsored contest in EECS 556 by reducing blur and facial recognition.
511 Class Prizes

Prizes for Awesome A-D Converters

Two student teams in EECS 511 won an industry-sponsored contest for their designs of ADC circuits for audio and instrumentation.

ECE In the News

Students: Rackham Student Spotlight: Elizabeth Dreyer

Alumni: ECE Alumnus Kevin Johnson Receives IEEE-USA Award for Distinguished Public Service that is Expected to Help Tech Employees

Alumni: Vishal Giare Named Air, Missile Defense Mission Area Lead at Johns Hopkins APL

Faculty: Need a job? How about engineering a driverless car?

Bicentennial Benefactors

A Big Thanks to Our Bicentennial Benefactors

In honor of U-M's 200 year celebration, we encourage you to be one of ECE's Bicentennial Benefactors. Our Bicentennial Benefactor giving program is divided into six different giving levels, recognized online.

Alumni Updates – Change address, alumni news, ect.

May 2017

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