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News for alumni and friends from ECE @ Michigan

August 2017

Wei Lu memristor

Next-Gen Computing Inspired by Biology

Inspired by how mammals see, a new memristor computer circuit prototype developed by Prof. Wei Lu has the potential to process complex data, such as images and video orders of magnitude faster and with much less power than today's most advanced systems.

Brain Mapping

New NSF Program to Map Circuits

Developers of new tech to map circuits in the brain are coming together to drive a rapid advance in our understanding of the brain, funded by $7.75 million from the National Science Foundation and led by Prof. Euisik Yoon,

Seeing through materials with visible light

Seeing Through Materials with Light

With yogurt and crushed glass, Prof. Raj Nadakuditi's group has taken a step toward using visible light to image inside the body.
Student project car

Where the Jobs are: 2017

Great news for EE with some of the hottest fields including embedded engineering, control engineering, and robotics. ECE's the place to be!
Becky Peterson

University's Highest Honor

Prof. Becky Peterson has received a U-M Henry Russel Award for her extraordinary record of accomplishments in research and education.
Engineering Education Research

New Engineering Grad Program

A new program in Engineering Education Research turns a researcher's eye on engineering education in the service of better learning, and diversity.
Necmiye Ozay

Hybrid Systems Paper Prize

Prof. Necmiye Ozay received the Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems Paper Prize for her paper on logic-based control synthesis.
Dennis Sylvester

Distinguished Talk Recognized

Prof. Dennis Sylvester gave a talk at the Microsystems Strategic Alliance of Quebec annual symposium as an SSCS Distinguished Lecturer.
Dmitry Berenson student team

Helping Robots Play Nice

Prof. Dmitry Berenson wants robots to help us out, so, he's working with state of the art equipment to design algorithms for robotic manipulation.
Valdis Liepa retirement party

Lifelong RADLAB Researcher Retires

Research scientist Valdis Liepa, a member of the U-M family for his entire career, has retired from active faculty status.

Peter and Evelyn Fuss

Peter and Evelyn Fuss Endowed Chair of ECE

Peter and Evelyn Fuss created a Michigan ECE legacy when they endowed the Peter and Evelyn Fuss Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering, acting on their belief in the power of creativity and quick action.

Alumni News

Won Pyo Hong alumni award

Inaugural ECE Alumni Impact Award

Dr. Won Pyo Hong, President of Samsung SDS, earned the first annual ECE Alumni Impact Award for his pioneering work in personal electronics.
Richard Bergman

Giving Tech a Sense of Touch

Rick Bergman, CEO of Synaptics, is working to make tomorrow's technology user friendly and reliable, and lead the human-interface revolution.
Peter Fuss

Leading a Global Company

Peter Fuss (BSE EE '56) made lasting contributions first at Bell Labs, and then as a founder and president of Tellabs, International.
Kukjin Chun Korean Order of Merit

Korea's Highest Scientific Honor

Kukjin Chun was honored with the South Korea Order of Science and Technology Merit, the highest honor in Korea for a scientist and engineer.

Student News

Fred Buhler Aweslome Engineering

Building "Aweslome" Circuits

Fred Buhler's work on more efficient chips has resulted in high-profile published papers and a new company, Aweslome, LLC.
Daniel Dsouza

YouTuber Gets 6 Million Views

Daniel Dsouza's lessons on YouTube have gone viral and attracted 109,011 subscribers and over 6,300,000 views
Noah Mitchell-Ward and Paul Giessner

Scholarships for Clean Energy

Paul Giessner and Noah Mitchell-Ward have been awarded scholarships to support their education in wind and solar power.
Sam Tenka in Ecuador

Bringing Education to Ecuador

Sam Tenka traveled to Ecuador with a team of four engineers to work with youth who have not had the chance to attend school.

Student Team Roundup

Student teams 2017

Solar Car Team goes small to win big at World Solar Challenge

Student Hybrid Rocket Team Takes First Place at Inaugural Competition

New Student Exoskeleton Team Launches Prototype

New Student Team Builds Autonomous Vehicles

Baja Racing Team First to Three-peat National Championship, Despite Four-Car Pileup

UM::Autonomy Competes with Brand New Boat Design

MHybrid Takes on Major Design Overhaul

ECE In the News

Students: Rackham Student Spotlight: Elizabeth Dreyer

Alumni: Alum Dennis Grimard Delivers Commencement Address at Vermont Tech Graduation

Alumni: For Jack Schultz, it's good to be back on the golf course

Alumni: Tencent, Led by Alum Martin Lau, Dominates in China. Next Challenge Is Rest of the World

Alumni: The Power of a lunchbox

Student:A VR-Powered Crystal Structures App (Video)

Student: Anna Stuhlmacher: Power to change the world

Faculty: New Computer Chips That See Data Will Enable Energy-Efficient Supercomputers

Faculty: Neuromorphic Chips Offer Neural Networks That Actually Work Like the Brain

Bicentennial Benefactors

A Big Thanks to Our Bicentennial Benefactors

In honor of U-M's 200 year celebration, we encourage you to be one of ECE's Bicentennial Benefactors. Our Bicentennial Benefactor giving program is divided into six different giving levels, recognized online.

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August 2017

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