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News for alumni and friends from ECE @ Michigan

September 2017

Heart diagram

Bionic heart tissue

The University of Michigan is partnering with center leader Boston University and Florida Int. University on an ambitious $20 million project to grow new heart tissue for cardiac patients.

Exoskeleton team in France

Exoskeleton for Disabled Patients

Prof. Jessy Grizzle and his group are working with French company Wandercraft on exoskeletons that could make walking possible for anyone.
CASSIE arrives at U-M

Cassie Blue Arrives At Michigan

Built with an enhanced ability to turn and new computer vision algorithms, Cassie should take independent robotic walking to a whole new level.
BigANT walking

BigANT Tackles the Wave FIeld

Watch Prof. Shai Revzen's latest hexapod robot, BigANT, take on north campus' biggest terrain challenge, the Wave Field.
Forest view from satellite

Modeling the World's Forests

PhD student Michael Benson is working to help interpret remote sensing data on forests to understand their role in climate change.
Electrify 2017

Sparking the Next Generation of ECE'rs

High school students spent a week in classes and labs for Electrify Tech Camps to learn a few things about what ECE does.
Phillips and Foley

What Drives EE Students?

A group led by Prof. Jamie Phillips earned the Theodore E. Batchman Best Paper Award for examining the motivations of students in EE.

Student News


Taking U-M History to Space

A team of students is sending the first space time capsule to orbit the Earth for 100 years, with all the info on a silicon wafer fabricated in the LNF.
Arts Engin Cube Project

Making The Cube More Interactive

Wonder how fast the Cube at the Union is spinning? Or how many times it's been spun? Keenan Rebara's new project offers the answers.
Alumni Mentoring

Make a Connection

Are you an ECE alumnus wanting to connect with fellow alumni? Do you have knowledge to share with current students? 

Join the ECE Alumni Interactive Mentoring (AIM) network. Help today's students and young alums fulfill their dreams

Questions? Contact Kristin McDonough.

ECE In the News

Ambiq Micro Powers the Latest Huawei Wearables (Alumnus Scott Hanson)

Hygieia Expanding Access to Better Insulin Management (Alumnus Eran Bashan)

Putting Headphones Back on New iPhones (Alumnus Allan Evans)

New Dean of Engineering at Georgia Tech (Alumnus Steven McLaughlin)

The Internet of Things: From Hype to Reality (Prof. David Blaauw)

Smart Contact Lenses and Implants Will Give Doctors Medical Insights (Alumnus Babak Parviz)

Bicentennial Benefactors

A Big Thanks to Our Bicentennial Benefactors

In honor of U-M's 200 year celebration, we encourage you to be one of ECE's Bicentennial Benefactors. Our Bicentennial Benefactor giving program is divided into six different giving levels, recognized online.

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September 2017

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