How can we combat cyber attacks? What's involved in an autonomous boat competition? And a look at the new drone testing facility.

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ECE Expeditions travels to Seattle

Students took a journey around Seattle to meet with alumni and get an insider’s view of several companies, coming away with new opportunities, a better understanding of their future, and a stronger community.



Information warfare and propaganda with Dr. Isaac Porche

For the inaugural talk of the Willie Hobbs Moore Lectureship, Porche covers the timely topic of "Conflict in the Information-Age," including redefining war as we know it.

Semiconductor breakthrough for organic solar cells

In the push for cheap, ubiquitous solar power, Prof. Stephen Forrest and his team have found a way to coax electrons to travel much further than was previously thought possible.


Charles and Patricia Krumm endow the George I. Haddad Graduate Fellowship Fund

The fund will help students afford graduate study and enable the opportunities only available through advanced electrical engineering knowledge.

Anonymous alumnus endows award in recognition of EECS professors

The Wise-Najafi Prize for Engineering Excellence in the Miniature World will recognize and incentivize outstanding work in the tiniest of electronics.


Free electrical engineering textbooks for students

A new textbook initiative aims to ease the financial burden of college students in engineering courses by offering newly-published books for free online.

Prof. Mortazawi shows off robust wireless power

Compared to conventional methods of wireless power, Mortazawi's version operates over a range of distances and orientations without a drop in power.

Prof. Willingale receives NSF CAREER Award for plasma research

Willingale received the award for her research project "Relativistic Electron Driven Magnetic Reconnection," which occurs during high-energy-density phenomena such as solar flares, auroras, and nuclear fusion.

Prof. Ozay receives ONR Young Investigator Award for autonomous systems

Ozay received the award for her research project which incorporates the latest advances in learning and estimation by developing new theory and algorithms that blend adaptability, safety and correctness.

Prof. Berenson receives NSF CAREER Award for robotic manipulation

Berenson's research focuses on improving the ability of autonomous robots to handle soft, deformable objects so that they can better help in factories, homes, and hospitals.

Prof. Tsang Receives 2018 Van de Hulst Light-Scattering Award

Tsang's research laid the foundation for the analysis of radar and radiometer remote sensing data and for the development of systems that remotely monitor the environment.

Michigan Awards



Off-roading in sand and snow with Shivani Shah

Shah's expertise in electrical engineering allowed her to help develop of an electronically controlled variable transmission (eCVT), a project she launched in EECS 473.

Battling drone ships with Anthony Uytingco

Uytingco leads UM::Autonomy, Michigan's RoboBoat team, in challenges that include speeding around buoys and docking with the help of a drone aircraft.


Prof. Forrest: The future of organic electronics beyond OLED displays
Prof. Bhattacharya: From Glazier Way to quantum dot lasers
Prof. Hero: Locating the nodes, from sensor arrays to genomic networks
Prof. Wise: Microelectronics, MEMS, and microsystems


Mythic raises $40 million to advance AI chips

Mythic, founded by EECS alumni David Fick, CTO, and Mike Henry, CEO, raised $40M to produce custom chips to power AI applications. Alumni Laura Fick and Skylar Skrzyniarz also work at the company, which began in the Michigan Integrated Circuits Lab (MICL).

Marlin P. Ristenbatt: In memoriam

Ristenbatt, research scientist emeritus passed away March 2, 2018, at the age of 89. Since retiring in 1998, following a long and productive career as a teacher and researcher, he has remained closely affiliated with the Department.

PhD candidate Michael Benson wins another year leading HKN

Benson was reelected student governor for Eta Kappa Nu (HKN), the electrical and computer engineering honor society and the honor society of the IEEE.

Prof. Emeritus Ribbens and Prof. Steel release new textbook editions

Ribbens published an 8th edition of his textbook Understanding Automotive Electronics, and Steel is the Co-Editor-in-Chief of the second edition of Encyclopedia of Modern Optics.

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