Watch Cassie walk through fire, learn about new transparent solar cells, and play 20 questions with robots.

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Organic solar cells reach record efficiency, benchmark for commercialization

The team, led by Professor Stephen Forrest, built record efficient, multi-layered organic solar cells that will be able to curve within clothing or transparently built into windows.

A Role Model at Raytheon: Katherine Herrick

Alumna Katherine Herrick, Senior Fellow and Chief Engineer at Raytheon, learned both engineering principles and life skills from her mentors. Now, she looks forward to giving back in similar ways.



Improving communication in 20 noisy questions

A team of information scientists led by Prof. Alfred Hero have discovered a better way to facilitate communication between humans and robots, using a twist on the classic game of 20 Questions.

Solar cells enable self-powered camera

Prof. Euisik Yoon and post-doc Sung-Yun Park developed a self-powered image sensor by layering photovoltaic and photodetector diodes, collecting the photons that pass through and converting them into electricity.

Groundbreaking for $75M Ford Robotics Building

Jessy Grizzle, Director of Michigan Robotics, helped break ground on the new Ford Motor Company Robotics Building. The building is scheduled to open early 2020.

SMAP Update: A mission to manage water globally

Three Michigan faculty (Prof. Kamal Sarabandi, Prof. Leung Tsang, and Dr. Leland Pierce) are working with NASA to improve the information about global soil moisture.


Garlin Gilchrist II named director of Center for Social Media Responsibility

To address the growing concern of fake news, U-M has formed the School of Information Center for Social Media Responsibility, and hired EECS alumnus Garlin Gilchrist II.

Join AIM to mentor young U-M ECE engineers and connect with alumni

Want to connect with fellow alumni? Share knowledge with current students? Join the ECE Alumni Interactive Mentoring (AIM) network. Questions? Contact Kristin McDonough.



Installing an alternative on spring break

The GRID Alternatives Students for Sustainable Energy traveled to San Diego to install over 10kW of solar during spring break, and this was just the start.

Undergraduate Student Awards for 2017-2018

Students, parents, and faculty gathered to celebrate EECS students who earned awards for academic achievement, research, service, or entrepreneurial activities.

Sijia Geng and Kyle Min awarded Towner Prize

Sijia Geng, PhD student, and Kyle Min, master’s student, were both awarded the Towner Prize for Distinguished Academic Achievement.

Andrew Wagenmaker awarded NSF Fellowship

Andrew Wagenmaker, a recent Master's student, was recently awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to continue research on machine learning.



Professor Stephen Forrest elected to Academy of Arts and Sciences

In recognition of his accomplishments, the AAAS welcomed Forrest as one of the nation's "exceptional scholars, leaders, artists, and innovators."

Professor Fawwaz Ulaby voted HKN ECE Professor of the Year

Our students voted, and named Professor Fawwaz Ulaby the 2018 HKN Professor of the Year in ECE. This is the third time Ulaby has received this honor.

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