$75k to launch your idea, harvesting clean hydrogen, and competing exoskeletons.

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The next medical markets of Collin Rich

An expert health sciences entrepreneur, Rich co-founded and sold Accuri Cytometers for $205 million. Now, Rich is ready to repeat that success with other companies.



Exoskeletons compete to strengthen rescue workers

U-M's STARX team hosted the first Applied Collegiate Exoskeleton Competition, where teams gathered to demonstrate their mechanical suits that provide extra strength.

$6.25M project will decode complex networks

The project, built on game theory and led by Professor Mingyan Liu, will develop tools to understand and shape online and on-the-ground networks that drive human decision making.

Mingyan Liu named 2018 Distinguished Innovator

Professor Liu developed a new approach to enhancing cybersecurity that predicts the likelihood that a company will be exploited by cyber criminals within the next year.

Harvesting hydrogen with artifical photosynthesis

Professor Zetian Mi's new device can double efficiency when using solar energy to break apart water and harvest hydrogen, opening up the path to commercial viability.

Alumni Reception

  • Join us at IMS 2018 in Philadelpha to honor Professor George Haddad at a special ECE alumni reception.
  • 4pm - 7pm, Thursday, June 14, 2018
  • Courtyard Marriot Downtown
    21 N Juniper St
    Philadelphia, PA 19107


Light could make computers a million times faster or even go quantum

Professor Mackillo Kira is working on a technique to manipulate electrons with light that could bring quantum computing up to room temperature.

Huanting Huang and the mathematical shape of trees

Because of Huang's award-winning mathematical modeling, advised by Prof. Leung Tsang, we will better understand our natural environment.


$75K to jumpstart your idea into a business

Aimed at facilitating the commercialization of ECE research, the ECE Innovator Program will provide financial support to a team of entrepreneurs.

Mike Stander receives Staff Excellence Award

Stander received a 2018 Staff Excellence Award, recognizing 33 years of exceptional service to the Department as a Hardware and Electronics Technician.


Awards for outstanding GSIs and IAs of 2018

We honored the graduate student instructors and UG instructional aides that go all out to help our students succeed.

Improving imaging to detect liver cancer

EECS 556: Image Processing explores methods to improve biomedical imaging and compression, with prizes from KLA-Tencor.

Stephanie Crocker Ross receives Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship

Crocker Ross, a PhD candidate advised by Prof. Johanna Mathieu, received a Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship, which supports outstanding doctoral students working on unusually creative and impactful dissertations.

Mengqi Yao receives PowerTech Conference award

Yao, a PhD student advised by Prof. Johanna Mathieu, won a High Quality Paper Award for her paper on how demand response, as opposed to changing supply during a disruption, can improve system stability.



Laura Balzano partners with 3M to advance research in big data

Prof. Balzano received a 2018 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award to advance her research in Big Data, focusing on challenges not typically addressed by algorithms.

Semyon Meerkov receives best paper award for improving manufacturing

Prof. Meerkov received the 2018 Best Paper Award of the International Journal of Production Research for research on flexible manufacturing systems.


Keki Irani (1924-2018)

Irani (MSE PHD EE 1949 1953) joined the faculty in 1962, and was instrumental in developing the computer engineering and computer science curricula, serving as CPA and Associate Chair of the department.

Nino Masnari (1935-2018)

Masnari (BSE MSE PHD EE 1958 1959 1964) joined the faculty in 1963, and served as Director of the Electron Physics Laboratory before leaving in 1979 to become ECE Chair and later Dean at NC State University.

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