Nobel Prize, active learning, ECE for everyone, orchestrating sensor networks

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Former ECE Professor, Gérard Mourou, receives Nobel Prize in Physics for world's most powerful laser pulses

Mourou co-invented "chirped pulse amplification," which revolutionized the field of optics worldwide, and led to bladeless LASIK eye surgery and the world's most intense laser, HERCULES, at Michigan.

Does "active learning" really work?

Professor Cindy Finelli heads a new $1.8M project to determine usefulness of "active learning" strategies.

Advancing quantum computing

Professors Ku and Steel manipulate two photonic qubits to make real quantum computing possible.

Professor Mackillo Kira named OSA Fellow

Kira was recognized for his "pioneering contributions to the theory of semiconductor optics."

Conducting an orchestra of sensor nodes

Doctoral student Farzad Asgarian awarded for helping wireless sensors stay in sync like a well-tuned orchestra.

ECE Family Fun

  • 500 enthusiastic kids, teens, and adults came to explore the wonders of ECE at Family Fun Night.
Art, Economics, and Engineering in Finland

Professor Kamal Sarabandi experiences how they do it at Aalto University in Finland.

In Memoriam: Norman Scott

Scott was nationally recognized for his work on digital computer logic and design. He was 100 years old.

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