Sniffing out toxins, team approach to life, hacking the perfect melody, and more

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OMNISCENT now in business

Sniffing out dangerous levels of toxic chemicals in the air, in real time.

A window into the future of solar power

Prof. Stephen Forrest is leading a project to turn windows into efficient solar cells, integrated into the buildings of tomorrow.

ECE at the heart of data science

Data science is shaping the future, and Michigan ECE researchers are bringing their expertise to the forefront of the industry.

IEEE Jun-ichi Nichizawa Medal

Pallab Bhattacharya is being honored for the development and commercialization of quantum dot lasers.

A stellar project creates space winds in the lab

Prof. Louise Willingale is using one of the world's most powerful lasers to bring new insights to stellar winds in a collaboration with Imperial College.

Mini satellites for max communication

Student-designed satellites could improve emergency communication and lead to future interplanetary voicemails.

Hacking the perfect melody

In an 18 hour hackathon, students from different programs brought music-inpsired projects to life.

The Golden Age of Engineering

IBM leader Zachary Lemnios spoke about the frontier of ECE and accepted the 2018 ECE Alumni Impact Award.

Shedding light on forgotten visionaries

Prof. Emerita Lynn Conway details how "others" in STEM disappear from history in IEEE Computer Magazine.

Upcoming Events

ECE Expeditions

ECE Expeditions connects companies with the leaders of tomorrow’s tech, innovation, and design. Next stop: Silicon Valley.

Become a company partner.

Electrify SUMMER Camps

Students come from all over to participate in our week-long, non-residential summer camps.

Registration opens in February.


  • Keynote speakers at the Lurie Nanofabrication Annual Symposium are Ken Wise and Dennis Grimard
  • Friday, December 7th, 2018
    10:00am - 5:00pm
    Gerald Ford Library

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