The future of energy, empowering women, an Oscar, and a Nobel Prize

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Battery economics could power the future of energy

Prof. Mathieu of ECE and Prof. Hausman of Public Policy explore the social costs and benefits of battery energy storage on the electrical grid.



Untangling messy data

Prof. Laura Balzano receives NSF CAREER Award to advance machine learning for big data involving elaborate physical, biological, and social phenomena.

Shaping the future of Power and Energy

ECE professors have been awarded a variety of grants to redefine the power grid and usher in a new era of sustainably-sourced energy.


ECE Celebrates Women's History Month

Empowering women in engineering

  • With funding from ECE, the Society of Women Engineers at U-M took students to the Women Engineers conference, where female engineers shared their stories to inspire and teach young engineers how to break barriers and advance the field. Read more
When pioneers disappear from history

Prof. Emerita and tech leader Lynn Conway explores why women and underrepresented minorities lose credit for their contributions over time.

Alum takes on new leadership role

Dr. Ruba Borno (MS PHD EE ’03 ’08) has been promoted to Vice President and General Manager of the networking giant, Cisco Managed Services.



Exploring space phenomena with lasers

PhD student Brandon Russell is awarded the Rackham International Student Fellowship for his research on magnetic fields in high-energy plasmas.

Crafting better digital systems

PhD student Jie-Fang Zhang is awarded the Chia-Lun Lo Fellowship for his work designing hardware solutions that could help support machine learning.


Outstanding Achievers

The 2019 Oustanding Achievement Awards were given to four EECS faculty members for their impressive accomplishments in teaching, research, and service.

An Oscar for Photoshop

Alum Thomas Knoll earned this year's Academy Award for Scientific and Technical Achievement for inventing Photoshop.

Video: Thomas Knoll accepts the Oscar
Read more about Knoll's life and work

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