July 2019

AI binge watches to catch fake videos

Prof. Jason Corso and Dr. Brent Griffin have developed a new AI software, called Bubblenets, that helps spot fake videos and improves computer vision for driverless cars, drones, surveillance, and home robotics.



New platform for road scene understanding

Prof. Jason Corso's startup, Voxel51, launches powerful video processing platform that improves computer vision for driverless cars.

Breast cancer cells are what they eat

A collaboration between Prof. Euisik Yoon and Dr. Celina Kleer, M.D. is advancing our understanding of metastatic breast cancer.



Forrest receive's U-M's highest honor

Prof. Stephen Forrest has been selected as U-M's 2020 Henry Russel Lecturer for his breakthrough advances in understanding how the behavior of light and electrons may be controlled.

Hero receives IEEE Fourier Award

Prof. Alfred Hero is recognized "for contributions to the foundations of statistical signal processing with applications to distributed sensing and performance benchmarking."

Blaauw named Kensall D. Wise Collegiate Prof. of EECS

Prof. David Blaauw’s innovations in low-power computing led to development of the Michigan Micro Mote, the world’s smallest computer.

Best Paper award for State-of-the-Art terahertz imaging

Prof. Ehsan Afshari and his group show how Terahertz and sub-terahertz imaging can provide superior results in some biomedical imaging, spectroscopy, and water saturation detection.

Student Teams

MRover has best ever finish at annual Rover Challenge

Rovers compete using AI to navigate tough terrain while collecting soil samples to practice testing for evidence of life in the universe.

U-M takes first place at Exoskeleton Competition

The STARX suit helps first-responders bear greater weights and spend less energy, and it's helpful for defeating Thanos.

Student News

Improving the accuracy of remote sensing

Huanting Huang won the Best Student Paper Award for her work developing better electromagnetic models that calculate microwave interactions with tree and vegetation cover.

Nooshin M. Estakhri receives the Helen Wu Award

Estakhri is a PhD student studying quantum optics and its potential to impact communication and biomedical imaging.

Closing the terahertz gap

Undergrad Samir Nooshabadi pursues research in developing a high-data rate communications system based on a high-power terahertz source.

Excellence in optics

Two U-M students receive scholarships from the Int. Society for Optics and Photonics for their potential contributions to the field.

Ann Arbor

KLA opens new R&D office in Ann Arbor

  • The global capital equipment company is looking to harness the engineering talent at U-M and power a brighter future with tech.
  • Rick Wallace (BSE EE 1982) serves as President and CEO.
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