First programmable memristor, quantum tech, kirigami inspires new medical imaging technique, ECE in space, Prof. Winick retires

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U-M develops first programmable memristor computer

Professors Wei Lu, Zhengya Zhang, and Michael Flynn led the project, which could lead to the direct processing of artificial intelligence on small devices, including smartphones.



Kirigami for medical imaging

Light-spinning device inspired by kirigami can fully rotate terahertz radiation in real time to peer into biological tissue.

Into the Quantum Realm

The goal of the Michigan Quantum Science & Technology Working Group is to be a force in the coming age of quantum-generated technology.

The Engineering Frontier

Prof. Mathieu is the only U-M engineer invited to participate in the National Academy of Engineering’s 2019 U.S. Frontiers of Engineering Symposium.

Advancing plasma physics

Prof. Willingale's work advances many research areas from spectacular astrophysical phenomena to cancer treatment to fusion power.

ECE in Space

  • For the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, U-M ECE takes a look back and a look forward to how our professors, students, and alums have made their mark on the field.
  • Prof. England recounts his experience as a NASA astronaut aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger; Prof. Ulaby designed the first radar system to EVER fly in space aboard Skylab, America’s first space station; alum Dr. Katie Bouman was a key player in the black hole imaging project; and more.


Xianhe Liu receives Best Poster Award at ICNS 2019

The research by Liu, a visiting scholar working with Prof. Zetian Mi, impacts development of high-efficiency, micro LEDs, used in a variety of applications.

Award-winning model for water resource management

Mostafa Zaky's model helps estimate the amount of water stored in snowpacks, which could improve climate change and flood forecasting.


Prof. Kim Winick

  • For the past 31 years, Prof. Winick has helped define undergraduate courses and curriculum both at U-M and abroad while inspiring all to seek life and learning outside of the lab.
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