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More than 80 research posters were presented by graduate students in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the 2010 College of Engineering Graduate Symposium, November 12, 2010.Their research included: techniques for studying brain function and treating neurological disorders; techniques for cancer detection; different approaches for improved solar cells; novel techniques for energy scavenging; cutting-edge research in terahertz technologies for various applications; faster and safer MRI scans; integration of optoelectronic and electronic components for continued performance gains in integrated circuits; miniature antennas for wireless devices; nanospacecraft thrusters; energy-hub power networks; the power grid; advanced methods to control walking and running in robots; energy optimization in electronic devices; techniques for object detection for vision and robotic applications; and many more.
Read about these and the many other research posters presented at the Symposium in the Book of Abstracts.

Prospective students were able to get a flavor of the research happening in the department, and current students enjoyed learning about their colleague's work Several companies participated as well, including KLA-Tencor, Schlumberger, Lockheed Martin, and Sandia National Laboratories.

The keynote speaker for this year's Symposium was Prof. Ken Wise, William Gould Dow Distinguished University Professor and former Director of the Engineering Research Center for Wireless Integrated MicroSystems. His talk was entitled, "Wireless Integrated Microsystems: Coming Revolution in Health Care."

ECE students participated in the following sessions:  

MEMS and Microfluidics
Solid-State Physics and Photonics
RF and Applied Electromagnetics
Power, Control and Mechatronics
Solid-State Circuits, CAD and VLSI
Signal Processing and Communication
Engineering in Biological Systems
Energy and Nuclear Sciences
Computer Science and Engineering
Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences

The following awards were earned by ECE graduate students in the Electrical Engineering (EE) and Electrical Engineering:Systems (EE:Systems) programs:

I.     Outstanding Ph.D. Student Research Award

2nd Place ($2,500): Scott Rudolph, EE, "A Broadband Three-Dimensional Isotropic Negative-Refractive-Index Medium"

II.    Symposium Theme Award

2nd: Daniel Opila, ME, Abdi Zeynu, EE:Systems, "Wind farm reactive support and voltage control"

III.    Technical Session Awards

1st: Ethem Erkan Aktakka, EE, "A New Process for Piezoelectric MEMS" in the session: MEMS and Microfluidics.

2nd: Iverson Charles Bell, III, EE, "Electrodynamic Tethers for ChipSats and Nanospacecrafts" in the session: Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences.

1st Place tie: Andres Tamez & Nick Collins, EE, "Energy Efficient Analog-Digital Interfaces" in the session: Solid-State Circuits, VLSI and CAD.

2nd: Anne Marie Itsuno, EE, "Beyond the HgCdTe P-N Junction: Alternative Detector Structures for Performance Improvement" in the session: Solid-State Physics and Photonics.

2nd: Antonios Matakos, EE:Systems, "Dynamic MR Image and Field Map Joint Reconstruction Accounting for Through-plane Field Map Gradients" in the session: Signal Processing and Communications.

1st: Brian Roberts, EE, "Physics of Metal-Assisted Light Trapping in Thin-Film Solar Cells" in the session: Solid-State Physics and Photonics.

1st: Koushil Sreenath, EE:Systems, "Nonlinear Feedback Control to Achieve Running on MABEL"  in the session: Power, Control, and Mechatronics.

1st: Min Sun, EE:Systems, "Depth-Encoded Hough Voting for joint object detection and shape recovery" in the session: Computer Science and Engineering.

1st: Cem Tekin, EE:Systems, "Online Algorithms for Opportunistic Spectrum Access with Markovian Channels" in the session: Signal Processing and Communications

1st: Felipe Andres Valdes-Valenzuela, EE, "On the regularization of single source combined integral equations for analyzing scattering from homogeneous penetrable objects" in the session: RF and Applied Electromagnetics.

2nd: Mehrnoosh Vahidpour, EE, "Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of Micromachined Cavity-backed Co-Planar Waveguide to Rectangular Waveguide Transition at Y-band Frequencies" in the session: RF and Applied Electromagnetics.

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