Irma Wyman

MHybrid Team Gets Ready for the Racetrack

The Michigan Hybrid Racing Team unveiled this year’s new formula racecar. The announcement comes a month before the Formula Hybrid Competition at Darmouth, where the car will be tested on its speed, design, and efficiency on April 27.


ECE Spinoff Arborlight Getting Brighter

Arborlight wants every indoor space to reap the benefits of natural (or close to natural) sunlight, and thanks to a $1.7 million venture capital investment, the company is one step closer to that goal. Arborlight is co-founded by Prof. P.C. Ku.

Michael Stonebraker

Michael Stonebraker Earns ACM Turing Award

Michael Stonebraker (MS EE '66, PhD CICE '71) received the 2014 ACM Turing Award, widely considered the Nobel Prize of Computing, for fundamental contributions to the concepts and practices underlying modern database systems.

Steve Forrest

Stephen Forrest Can't Stop Innovating

Stephen Forrest, Paul G. Goebel Professor of Engineering, has been awarded the 2015 U-M Distinguished University Innovator Award. Prof. Forrest is widely acknowledged as one of the most successful academic inventors and entrepreneurs today.


Student Awards Roundup

Three Distinguished Leaders
Lauren Bilbo, Elizabeth Dreyer, and Cheng Zhang earned this year's CoE Distinguished Leadership Award for their extensive contributions to student life.

Cheng Zhang Does Nano Research with Predoc Fellowship
Cheng's work in new optical materials and device concepts for future optoelectronic devices, including a new kind of silver film for device fabrication, earned him a Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship.

Top-notch Graduate Student Instructors
The Towner Prize for Outstanding Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) goes to the top GSIs throughout the College of Engineering. EECS students Jonathan Beaumont, Michael Benson, and Mai Le earned the award for their dedicated and expert teaching.

Elnaz Ansari Receives Academic Achievement Prize
Elnaz Ansari received the Towner Prize for Distinguished Academic Achievement. Elnaz specializes in large-scale analog circuits.

EECS Undergraduate Awards Recognize Excellence
Students, parents, and faculty gathered to celebrate the achievements of EECS students who earned awards for academic achievement, research, service, and entrepreneurial activities.

Herb Winful

TEDxUofM welcomed two speakers from ECE to its stage to "give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes or less." Profs. Herbert Winful and Shai Revzen spoke about hidden passions, and robots building robots.

Seattle Alumni Networking Dinner

ECE Alumni of the greater Seattle area gathered for a networking dinner at the World Trade Center. Group Photo
This event was sponsored by Babak Parviz (Amazon) and Dawson Yee (Microsoft).

The first Electrical Engineering lab on campus was in the old Physics Building basement - and steam powered!

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