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January 2018


New Quick-learning Neural Network Powered by Memristors

A research team led by Prof. Wei Lu created a reservoir computing system, a type of neural network, with memristors. The network could predict words before they are said during conversation, and help predict future outcomes based on the present.

Isaac Porche

The Art of Cyber War with Isaac Porche

Porche (PhD EE:S 1998) is a senior engineer at RAND Corporation, where he leads research to help the government adopt proper cyber security tactics. In this interview, he shares how his time at Michigan led him to being on the frontlines of technological attacks.
Jordi Ribas

Jordi Ribas: From Video Compression to Leading AI Products at Microsoft

Ribas (PhD EE:S 1996), CVP of AI Products at Microsoft, describes utilizing what he learned in electrical engineering and video compression to eventually work and lead one of the largest tech companies' AI Products division.

New Biodegradable Hydrogel Offers Eco-friendly Alternative to Synthetics

Prof. Jerzy Kanicki and an international team have developed a new biodegradable hydrogel that allows for applications in agriculture and medicine without the potential risks from synthetics.
Beanbag test

The Beanbag Test for Robots

It's one thing for a robot to sort through a pile of rigid objects like blocks, but what about softer stuff? Watch Dmitry Berenson and the Autonomous Robotic Manipulation (ARM) Lab's latest work.
Chemical sensor

A Shoe-box-sized Chemical Detector

Prof. Mohammed Islam developed a chemical sensor that will be able to detect "single-fingerprint quantities" of substances from far away. It could be used to identify drugs and explosives and speed the analysis of certain medical samples.
M3 in Oil Wells

Seed-sized U-M computers pumped into oil wells

A specially created version of the Michigan Micro Mote, measuring 5mmx5mm, is being featured for its role in oil exploration as part of a new exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.
Wei Lu

Wei Lu Elected IEEE Fellow for Contributions to Neuromorphic Systems

Prof. Lu is an internationally recognized leader in the development of memristors for memory and logic applications.

Thomas B. A. Senior (1928 – 2017):
In Memoriam

Thomas B. A. Senior, professor emeritus of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, passed away peacefully on November 24th.

Student News

DTE Energy

Deep UV LEDs lead to two best poster awards at ISSLED 2017

At ISSLED 2017, PhD student David Laleyan and visiting scholar Xianhe Liu both won best student poster awards for new techniques when creating deep ultraviolet LEDs.
Solar car team

Watch projects from the Fall 2017 Design Expo

See students demonstrate their projects created in EECS 452 and EECS 473, including home automation, air hockey, a cat and mouse game, and more.

Andrew Farah lecture

Andrew Farah: Evolution of a Career, Computers, and Cars

Farah (BSE CE 1982; MSE Electrical Science 1984), Chief Technology Architect for Autonomous Vehicles at GM, talks about automotive electronics, from stand-alone micro-controllers to highly distributed networked ecosystems.
Zachary Lemnios lecture

Zachary Lemnios: Current and Future Tech at IBM

Lemnios, VP for Physical Sciences and Government Programs, talks about current and future tech at IBM. Prior to joining IBM, Mr. Lemnios served in the Department of Defense as Chief Technology Officer.
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ECE In the News

Marvell Is Buying Rival Chipmaker Cavium For $6 Billion (Alumnus Syed Ali)

Beyond the threshold: Solving the leaking problem in ultra-low-power systems (Prof. David Blaauw)

An afternoon with U-M Robotics' newest robot (Prof. Jessy Grizzle)

Blockchain Supply Chain's Chronicled Names Gutgutia as VP (Alumnus Abhishek Gutgutia)

Rethinking Transistors for the Internet of Things (Alumnus Scott Hanson; Prof. David Wentzloff)

University students reflect on attending COP23 Conference (Student Matt Irish)

3D Printing Technology Facilitates Fabrication Of A Curved Organic Photodetector For Image Sensing Devices (Prof. Jerzy Kanicki)

This Researcher Is Using Brain-Mapping to Improve Anxiety and Depression Treatment for Teens (Alumnus Anastasia Yendiki)

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