A pathway to Carbon Neutrality, tiny bluetooth, Fulbright for advancing medicine, adventures in Silicon Valley, Happy B-Day for Neuhoff

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The Future is Carbon Neutral

Prof. Stephen Forrest is co-chair of U-M’s Commission on Carbon Neutrality as part of U-M’s commitment to combat climate change and craft a sustainable future for all.



Honey, I shrunk the Bluetooth

Prof. David Wentzloff's team has built the first ever millimeter-scale stand-alone device that can communicate using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Story by IEEE Spectrum.

A new kind of metasurface

Prof. Anthony Grbic's team achieved a transparent, electronically tunable metasurface that could advance wireless communication, imaging, cloaking, and energy harvesting. Story by Phys.org.


Student Spotlight

A Leader among the Best

PhD student Laura Andre enhances lasers, serves as president of the optical society, and plans events to bring the ECE community together. She is honored with the Distinguished Leadership Award.

Unravelling the mysteries of bacteria

PhD student Navid Barani received the IEEE APS Doctoral Research Award for his research on how bacteria communicate, which could lead to medical breakthroughs.

Power grids and powerful reviews

Energy PhD student Md Salman Nazir is recognized by the IEEE Transactions on Power Systems for his outstanding reviews of recent papers.

Better ways to explore new worlds

Undergrad Michelle Gehner advances power electronics and crafts new extraterrestrial vehicles. She received the IEEE Power & Energy Society Scholarship.

Behind the Scenes of Silicon Valley

  • Over Spring Break, ECE Expeditions took 21 students to Silicon Valley for a VIP experience at a variety of companies from small startups to renowned multinational corporations. Read more
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Upcoming Events

Celebrating Dave Neuhoff

In honor of his 70th birthday, friends and former students of Prof. Dave Neuhoff are hosting a Symposium on Information: Storage, Processing, Transmission, and Learning.

Electrify SUMMER Camps

Students come from all over to participate in our week-long, non-residential summer camps.

Registration is now OPEN.

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